Search for LOB App Submit Traffic Given a List of Search Phrases

First thing to do is create a table for search phrase sessions:

  1. Right-click in Blank Workspace > Table > Search > Search Phrase

(Phrases Not Included for Privacy Reasons 1)

  1. Right-click Top of Left-hand Column (which will be “Search Phrase”) > Mask > At Least One > Extended > Session
  2. Right-click Top of Left-hand Column > Mask > Display Search Bar

In the Search Bar, you will enter your keywords using the following formula:

 re:.*keyword 1.*|.*keyword 2.*|.*keyword 3.*

 (and so on – use formula in excel file to combine and concatenate)

For Large Keyword Lists, I’ve created a simple excel file to help you speed up the process of inputting the keywords into the Display Search Bar

Download Excel 2007 File Here (See instructions below)

Excel File Instructions:

  1. Paste your list of keywords into cell B2
  2. If your keyword list is longer than 150 keywords you will need to drag the formulas down to the end of your keyword list for columns A, C, D and E.
  3. Your excel file and corresponding column E will look similar to the screenshot below when you paste your keywords in to column B.

Click Picture to Enlarge

  1. Copy and Paste Column E into Column F – Remember to Select “Paste Special” > Values

Click Picture to Enlarge

  1. For Column G, you must use the CONCATENATE Formula in Excel. Your formula, within the cell, should look like this:

Click Picture to Enlarge

  1. SPECIAL NOTE: Within the CONCATENATE Formula you use, notice that there is a comma separating F2 and F3. This is how it has to be SO…never use a colon (:)!!!
  2. I have provided a sample formula below that you can just copy and paste into the CONCATENATE formula if you have a lot of keywords:


PLEASE Adjust accordingly!

  1. ALMOST DONE! – Next, copy cell G2 (where the CONCATENATE formula is) into cell F2…Copy > Paste Special > Values
  2. What you will get will look something similar to the following within cell G2:


  1. Copy the contents of cell G2 into the Display Search Bar after you have entered “re:” – without the quote signs.
  2. Hit Enter and your good to go!


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