Qeepsake Baby Journal Review

Qeepsake Baby Journal is the text message baby book, an online service for parents to capture memorable things about or for their kids to share with them when they’re older. Baby keepsake memory books for the modern parent.

Qeepsake Baby Journal - Qeepsake Text Message Baby BookIn this day and age, everyone is using smartphones for just about everything. That is what makes the Qeepsake app such a fantastic idea for keepsake journals. Qeepsake is a NEW service for parents that helps capture and archive favorite moments that they have had with their children. Those special memories that you never, ever want to forget? They are safely stored in with Qeepsake:

  • Qeepsake uses text messaging to prompt parents daily (or less often) with an insightful question from our proprietary database of questions.
  • Parents add Qeepsake as a contact in their phone and send in text and picture messages.
  • The parent’s response is stored privately and securely in their Qeepsake account on the website.

You Can:

  • Save funny quotes from your kiddos
  • Track likes and dislikes
  • Record milestones and more
  • Then you can choose how often you want to receive questions

Qeepsake Captures Memories You Might Miss

Qeepsake Baby Journal texts you a question about your child each day. Once a day, Qeepsake Baby Journal texts you a thought-provoking question about your child. Just text back a response to the question and an entry is added to your child’s journal.

Parents Baby Book Memory Journal Online

When your kids are old enough, share your Qeepsake baby journal with them, or print a Qeepsake Journal for Parents. Capture the happy times, crazy times, proud moments, funny things.

Built by Parents of 5 Children

When our first was born, we envisioned journaling every precious moment. But we soon realized how difficult it was to stay disciplined. So we created Qeepsake Baby Journal for ourselves, and now we’re excited to introduce it to the world!

Qeepsake Baby Journal


Elizabeth, parent of 2-yr-old
“I love receiving a daily text asking a simple questions…I’m terrible about making time to journal, so the quick, daily, specific questions and the ability to text a thought at any time is awesome.”

Jonathan, parent of 1-yr-old
“I’m not a writer or someone who journals, but I like the idea of having the memories to cherish later and for my kids to have. Qeepsake Baby Journal gives me a quick and easy way to do that, and the questions stimulate me to think about fun things about my son that I want to remember.”

Qeepsake Baby Journal

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