IBM Digital Analytics (Formerly Coremetrics)

IBM Digital AnalyticsSince organizations are increasingly looking for a variety of ways to to optimize their marketing process and businesses, they are also looking at client demands in order to gain more personalized customer interactions. Businesses are faced with an increasingly complex of outlets to interact with potential customers and customers alike. It includes into looking at various websites, to mobile applications to email, and social media sites. Businesses must continually differentiate themselves in the marketplace and they must focus entirely on enhancing their customer brand experience.

In result, it is in the best interest of businesses to learn how IBM Digital Analytics can be used to maintain that competitive edge. Using IBM Analytics can enhance businesses capabilities by enabling organizations to make more targeted marketing campaigns, and to gain real-time insight into consumer interactions through social networks and other various social media outlets. By using these products, businesses and marketing teams can gain deeper insight on their customers, and they can personalize recommendations so the customers have the ability to interact with the brand. Businesses can also provide more effective market campaigns by using IBM digital analytics by providing real-time intelligence on what consumers are saying about their produces and what they think of the services that are being provided.

Overall, IBM digital analytics (which was formerly Coremetrics) can be used to improve businesses market campaigns, their relationship with their customers, and the overall profit of the business. By implementing these strategies businesses can remove barriers so they can increase their revenue potential by targeting their potential customers, and they can gain insight on how to implement an appropriate marketing campaign for their business.


  • Real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) suitable for marketers from finance, retail, content and media, travel, telecommunications, B2B and many other industries
  • Benchmarks and intelligence to inform about average peer and competitor performance data 
  • Powerful, industry-leading marketing attribution capabilities to help you improve marketing spend allocation 
  • Real-time data exploration for power users using a data warehouse of customer and prospect interactions
  • Fluid navigation between analytics, digital marketing applications, and cross-channel campaign management to turn analytics into action with only a few clicks
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