Excel Template to Create a List of all Files in a Folder and Subfolders

I have always needed (wanted) the ability to create a list of all filenames inside a specified folder and its subfolders on my computer including additional information like file types, sizes, dates and path lengths.

After a bit of Googling I found a little tool which automatically creates a list of all files inside a specified folder and all its subfolders, including the file names, the paths, the file types, the dates (created, last modified, last accessed) and the lengths of the path and filename.

If you are interested, here is the free download:

Download retrieve filenames from folder and subfolders (Zipped Excel 2016 Macro-Enabled Workbook, 29K)

Download, unzip and open the tool, enable macros, click on the import icon at the top of the sheet, select a folder and wait until the code is finished (the status bar at bottom left shows the progress).

Please be advised that the code is not optimized for performance. Importing approximately 500 files from a folder on my computer took about 7 seconds.

R.E. Ferguson

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