If It Was an Effective Meeting You Took Good Notes

Note Taking Template

Outline “Note Taking” Mode

If it was an effective meeting you took good notes…or is it because you took notes, it was an effective meeting?

Either way, good note taking skills are imperative.

Have you ever been in a meeting or conference call where no one did what they promised to accomplish at the previous one? Due to the fact that no improvement has been produced since the last meeting, there’s little to go over, and people lose interest soon…very soon!

Momentum grinds to a halt and all you hear is radio silence.

It is a common scenario, yet it’s one which can frequently be avoided by just ensuring adequate notes are usually circulated promptly before and after every meeting. This allows the dialogue to still be fresh in people’s minds because everyone has a very clear reminder of what they have to do or for what they are responsible.

I have been using the same note taking template since 2002, when it was shared with me by a man named Bill Whitley who was the owner of my company at the time.

Download the Template (23.3 KB Word Doc) – Instructions are included in the document

Every time I need to share my screen during a meeting and people see this template and how quickly I am able to take notes, they are immediately impressed.

I hope this note taking template helps anyone who chooses to download it.

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