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Senior Financial Services Digital Consultant with over 12 years of proven experience delivering omni-channel strategies and solutions to help Enterprises streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. Primary focus has been projects in the digital arena in areas such as business analysis, customer experience, voice of the customer, digital marketing, call center solutions, digital analytics and technology consulting,

303 Redirects: Background, Facts and Tips

303 redirects are a redirect-type that will not pass any SEO value or “Juice” and will not remove pages out of a search engine index even if the pages are deleted from a domain’s server. This type of redirect is temporary and easily … Continue reading

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Article Explains Why Banks Should Target Gen Y Millennials

Excellent article on the facts about Gen Y and why Banks should take a second look at these customers now before other financial institutions gain their trust…and their money: Full Article by Harland Clarke Social Bookmarking

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Business Analyst UAT Tasks Part I

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a beast, we all know that, and during this process business analysts execute numerous UAT tasks based on the type of projects, duration and organizational standards. Solution Validation: Validate that solution meets the Business Requirements … Continue reading

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How to Adopt RTC EE Part 1 “Technology” by PacGenesis

How to Adopt RTC EE – Part 1 “Technology”by Kristin Cowhey, VP Sales and Marketing at PacGenesis Excerpt: “If you’re thinking of adopting RTC EE within your organization, you’re likely already aware that it can be a daunting task. Whether … Continue reading

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If It Was an Effective Meeting You Took Good Notes

If it was an effective meeting you took good notes…or is it because you took notes, it was an effective meeting? Either way, good note taking skills are imperative. Have you ever been in a meeting or conference call where … Continue reading

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Goals versus Tasks

I was recently reading a white paper* by SuccessFactors titled: “Doing the Right Things: Using Goal Management to Drive Business Execution.”1 A section that really stood out and is worthy of sharing discusses the difference between goals versus tasks. As … Continue reading

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App Review – mSecure Password Manager Review

mSecure Password Manager for Android Company: mSevenSoftware Website: mSecure for Android Product Page Description: mSecure for Android is the leading password manager and digital wallet in the Google Play Store. mSecure has a premium Android look and feel with features … Continue reading

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Proven Strategies for Controlling Scope Creep

Picture the scenario: You’re the BA on an implementation project. Everything is going well and milestones are being met. All stakeholders are happy. Then, all of a sudden, a stakeholders tells you that the system just HAS to do something … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Personality Tests and Career Archetypes

I like taking personality tests, career tests or any type of assessment that helps me better understand who I am from a new perspective. My advice about personality, career, and all other assessment tests: Take them. Take every single one … Continue reading

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SiteCatalyst Tagging Resource Tutorial

SiteCatalyst Tagging is the process of adding JavaScript code to your website pages to collect visitor data. Adobe’s excellent overview of SiteCatalyst tagging In this tutorial, you will learn how to add tracking using the most common method, client-side SiteCatalyst … Continue reading

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