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Business Analyst, Content SME and Digital Marketing professional with over 11 years of experience helping Enterprises with online strategy, projects and digital initiatives. Currently working as a Management Consultant for a Fortune 100 retirement services provider in Charlotte, NC.

Marketing Quotes March 2015

Listed below are the quotes I actually remembered after reading a promotional eBook by HubSpot called “101 Awesome Marketing Quotes.”  As you’ll see I only could remember 4 marketing quotes out of 101 so maybe tone down the lists HubSpot…we all … Continue reading

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Clearing Annoying Cookies with Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can help you alleviate the numerous ways Cookies and Browser Cache can build up over time no matter what browser you may use. I have listed two add-ons/extensions that I have found to be very useful for clearing cookies, browser … Continue reading

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Develop Strong Relationships as Project Managers

Project Managers know that one of the most important elements in successfully delivering their project is their relationship with your team. Project methodologies, best practices and planning tools are certainly important and are needed for the delivery of successful projects. But they … Continue reading

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Tablets are Popular and Not Going Away

Tablets are one of the most popular gadgets in the present era. From toddlers to old people, everyone these days seems to be obsessed with gadgets, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop. With technological advancements, you can … Continue reading

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Pushing Mint over Quicken

Seen on prominent benefits company’s site regarding Quicken capabilities: “Our website is not compatible with Quicken 2014 however, our software apparently communicates with more easily, and the feeling is that is what Intuit (who also does Quicken) is focusing … Continue reading

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Big Data – Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

I can’t remember a term so over-hyped in my time in tech as “big data.” But the shift in technologies surrounding data and analytics is very real—and provides true value to organizations who can harness seas of bits to reveal … Continue reading

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303 Redirects: Background, Facts and Tips

303 redirects are a redirect-type that will not pass any SEO value or “Juice” and will not remove pages out of a search engine index even if the pages are deleted from a domain’s server. This type of redirect is temporary and easily … Continue reading

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Article Explains Why Banks Should Target Gen Y Millennials

Excellent article on the facts about Gen Y and why Banks should take a second look at these customers now before other financial institutions gain their trust…and their money: Full Article by Harland Clarke Social Bookmarking

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Business Analyst UAT Tasks Part I

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a beast, we all know that, and during this process business analysts execute numerous UAT tasks based on the type of projects, duration and organizational standards. Solution Validation: Validate that solution meets the Business Requirements … Continue reading

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How to Adopt RTC EE Part 1 “Technology” by PacGenesis

How to Adopt RTC EE – Part 1 “Technology”by Kristin Cowhey, VP Sales and Marketing at PacGenesis Excerpt: “If you’re thinking of adopting RTC EE within your organization, you’re likely already aware that it can be a daunting task. Whether … Continue reading

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