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A couple of months ago I was hitting the pavement searching for a new job. At the beginning of that process I really worked hard to get my resume up-to-date. I’m not going to go into all the things I did/services I used to get it where it is now, but I will say that one of the hardest areas to improve was how I presented my skill set/experience with Adobe Insight. 

Am I a “Certified Analyst” or “Certified Architect”? No…But I do know how to use the software fairly well which, from what I have seen, is a skill not too many people have.

With that said, I am using this post as a “working document” as they say. I have listed abilities, skill sets, education requirements for some jobs I have found that deal with Adobe Insight. 

I would greatly appreciate if you would please comment below and list any additional skills, abilities, education requirements, etc. that I have missed. As people comment, I will update the list.

As you’ll see, I have broken the list into the following categories:

  1. Job Overview Examples
  2. Desired Abilities
  3. Desired Experience
  4. Education

Job Overview Samples:

Example 1:
The successful candidate will work on a daily basis with Adobe Insight to explore complex data sets and make recommendations for marketing strategies and/or site design changes. Analysis will be focused on understanding customer behavior across a broad and diverse set of affiliated Internet properties. Observations and recommendations will be presented to marketers and peers for feedback, then  presented executive-level leaders prior to implementation. The ideal candidate is detail-oriented and possesses a strong technical & working knowledge of web analytics technologies, and a high aptitude toward working with data visualization technologies and data schema.

Example 2:
Responsible for the digital marketing database environment, analytical thought leadership and associated business processes to leverage complex customer, product and Internet channel data to measure business performance, create business insights, identify new business opportunities and effectively support new product or customer experience introductions.

 Abilities/Qualifications (Desired, Sometimes Required)

  • Solid understanding of the modalities for joining online and offline data
  • Ability to implement best practices in tracking code implementation
  • Ability to identify opportunities to utilize customer information to positively impact profit contribution
  • Ability to analyze and report Interactive consumer metrics, translating information into actionable recommendations
  • Ability to interact with Business team in order to clarify business queries
  • Ability to develop customer behavior analyses using Adobe Insight
  • Ability to perform deep dive web analyses using Click stream Data
  • Documentation skills (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Project management skills
  • Self starter requiring minimal supervision
  • 5+ years experience in providing analytical support to product or program managers
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with search engine optimization and associated analytics
  • 3+ years of experience with Internet-specific tagging and tracking methodologies and their use for direct marketing analytics
  • 3+ years developing marketing performance measurement using web based tools such as Adobe Insight, Site Catalyst, and Google Analytics
  • Demonstrated ability with performance dashboard and scorecard design and development including KPI and reporting frame refinement; advanced Excel skills, SQL, and knowledge of Google webmaster tools, and SEO platforms
  • Nimbleness with output transfer from databases to reporting tools with polished formatting skills for maximum clarity and interpretation
  • Skilled in working with data at varying levels of granularity and the issues inherent in building data sets across different platforms and systems of record

Experience (Desired, Sometimes Required)

  • Experience in web data analysis
  • Experience with Adobe Insight and other Adobe Marketing Cloud products
  • Experience in Implementation, designing reports, dashboards, workspace and Publishing in Adobe Insight
  • Experience in Custom KPI creation as per business requirements/objectives

Education (Desired, Sometimes Required)

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical, mathematical, or related discipline
  • Master’s degree preferred
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in business or a quantitative discipline (e.g. Finance, Economics, Statistics, Operations Research, Computer Science)


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