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Adobe insight - omni-channel marketing blogInsight Examples is a blog purely devoted to providing an open forum for discussion and sharing of best practices for practical, insightful management consultants. Core topics include omni-channel marketing, customer experience, consulting and technology.

Other topics include digital marketing, digital analytics, call center consulting, business analysis, project management, voice of the customer strategy and delivery, branding, content management systems, software reviews, etc.

I will primarily focus on tools such as Adobe Insight, Adobe SiteCatalyst, Adobe Target, Medallia, IBM Analytics, WebTrends and of course, Google Analytics. However, any software or tool is in play! I have over 13 years of experience working in the digital space and will be adding to the blog as I delve further into processes, best practices, thought leadership and technology as I grow in my career and in my knowledge in these fields. As I learn, hopefully you will too.

Please feel free to comment on posts about your experiences with any topic. Regarding custom implemented technology solutions like Adobe Insight, please give general examples in a way that everyone can understand. This is a resource for all e-business consultants and professionals, NOT a venue for sharing proprietary, confidential information. Again, any comments and/or questions should be posted from a “general” perspective.

Disclaimer: This blog is meant to educate and share ideas and experiences and is in no way affiliated with Adobe, Medallia, Microsoft, IBM, Google or any of the companies which might be discussed, mentioned and/or reviewed by members.

Author Background

Senior Financial Services Digital Consultant with over 12 years of proven experience delivering omni-channel strategies and solutions to help Enterprises streamline processes and improve operational efficiency. Primary focus has been projects in the digital arena in areas such as business analysis, customer experience, voice of the customer, digital marketing, call center solutions, digital analytics and technology consulting,

The Analytical Consultant – who has written posts on Insight Examples.