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Adobe Digital Marketing Summit Session Recordings on Adobe Insight

The Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is the premier event for digital marketers and advertisers to learn about and share key strategies for driving marketing innovation. Attend Summit to learn how you can create, measure, and optimize digital experiences to revolutionize … Continue reading

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Making Multiple Selections Using the Control Button

If you are working in an Adobe Insight dashboard there will probably come a time when you have to select a large amount of data at once. Let’s take, for example, the scenario where you create a table that is … Continue reading

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Web Analytics Metrics Definition Framework

There are three types of web analytics metrics: Counts Ratios KPIs Count: the most basic unit of measure; a single number, not a ratio…Often a whole number (Visits = 12,398), but not necessarily (Total Sales = $52,126.37.). Ratio: typically, a … Continue reading

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Masking Data Using a Search

You can mask data using either of the following search options: Right-click an element or the label of the desired dimension, click Mask, and then in the Search box type the phrase for which you want to search. Right-click an … Continue reading

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Pulling Search Phrases From the Adobe Insights Small Elements Category

Shunts to the Small Elements Category  The small elements category relates to the Search Phrase dimension, which is denormalized. So, it is possible to pull specific phrases out of the Search Phrase dimension that may not otherwise appear because the … Continue reading

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